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 Learning and Teaching Support Material

Our mission at Anansi is to encourage a culture of reading through fun, informative books that will entice the learner to read the book again as well as to explore other books.  Contributing to early literacy development and growing a love of books amongst the very young reader is important to us.

As many of our titles are on the approved Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) catalogues for the various provinces, Anansi supplies readers for self-read and story-time to school libraries.

Our children’s picture books touch on various themes and, through our ideas to the storyteller, the story can be connected with other subjects in the curriculum, such as natural science, technology, social science, life skills, arts & culture, and literacy.

For example, in the book ‘The Voices in the Mountain’ the author Me’Lerato (Shirley Davis) tells the story of a little boy in Lesotho who is sent into the mountains where his older brother is herding cattle, in order to bring him food.

With emotive illustrations by Ann Walton, the book has proven to be popular in all the languages that Anansi published it in, but particularly in SeSotho. 

The story touches on the following themes:

Natural Science

Why do mountains echo? - Sounds travel through sound waves. In mountains sound waves are reflected off the hard rocky surfaces. Discuss the sounds made by the stream, wind, thunder, rain, hail and snow.


Use the story to introduce the children to sheep farming.

Social Science

Discuss Letsi’s relationship with his parents, brother, sisters and the dog.
Letsi is assigned the chore of fetching his brother in the mountains.  Discuss with the children what their chores are in the home and why it is important to all share in the household chores.

Life Skills

Fear and perseverance: Discuss the fears and sufferings of Letsi to reach his brother and the feelings he had at the different stages of his journey.
In the story Letsi was playing Marabaraba with his friend Thabo. Discuss with the children what this game involves.  Get them to ask their grandparents or find out in a book more about traditional African toys and then make a presentation to the class relating what they have learnt.
Letsi’s mother gives him a loaf of fresh bohobe to take to his brother.  This is a  traditional African food.  Allow the children once again to consult books and their grandparents about traditional African foods and then give feedback to the class.

Art and Culture

Discuss the artist’s methods, qualities, expressions and use of colour.
This story, with its characters and the storm, makes a wonderful piece for the children to act out. The children could use their voices, musical instruments and the movement of their bodies to depict the storm.

Literacy and Communication

Explain all unknown words and phrases. This story is a real adventure story where the brave hero has to contend with ghostly voices, a frightening storm and confusing apparitions.  Discuss with the children the essential elements of an adventure story and allow them to write their own story.

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